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The focus of Innovatus is now on research and commercialising the technologies developed thus far. We have won multiple grants and industry awards for various technologies, but the flagship and most developed are the clean energy technologies. There are however technologies for healthcare and materials science available for license or further development if anyone is interested. There are also technologies for refining and manufacturing across the chemicals and materials industries, mainly focused on oil and gas, energy and food production. We also have interests in robotics and software through our partner companies.


The founder has a background in industry and has won awards for research and designed and worked on technologies that have been rolled out globally for established industry players such as Shell, SSE and various others. The founder has a strong reputation in the industry of technology development and scale up. Many of the technologies have been rolled out globally by leading multinationals in their field. The founder has also worked on and designed world leading technologies on behalf of governments, such as for the MoD, and has advised government on energy policy to do with future energy security and geopolitics.


The technology is to do with the generation of hydrogen from water using sunlight with zero emissions in commercial quantities which is economically competitive with steam methane reforming. This is using our patented reactor cell and a new class of catalysts developed inhouse and in partnership with the university of Manchester and Durham University. The CPI has provided support with scale up of the technology along with industry partners. The technology is supported under funding from the EU.

There are also technologies available for scale up and license in the medical sectors and materials science, amongst other things, which have wide ranging applications.

To find out more and licence a technology from us, please contact us.


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